Company Retreats

Company Retreats

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Outdoor activities bring people together! Fresh air, sunshine and smiles - that is our vision for your next team event. With our experienced instructors we can tailor a great team excursion for all the skill levels and needs.

The Davos mountain resort is a great place for your group to enjoy winter from it's most endeering angle. From breathtaking sceneries over fondue in a cozy hut to the finest slopes around. There's something for everyone.

World Economic Forum

Skiing in Davos during the World Economic Forum is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

The snow conditions in the Davos ski resort reach their peak potential in January, offering the ideal skiing experience. With fewer visitors on the mountain during the week of WEF, your day on the slopes is looking promising.

Such conditions offer an ideal setting for company events and team building. With breathtaking Swiss Alps scenery, teams can bond, conquer slopes, and engage in outdoor challenges, fostering communication and teamwork. The experience creates lasting memories and a motivated workforce, making Davos the perfect destination for such events.

Our goal is to transform your World Economic Forum business trip into an unforgettable Swiss Alps skiing adventure, balancing pleasure and duty perfectly. Our team will guide you through Davos ski resort, allowing you to discover amazing mountain huts, indulge in delicious typical ski food, and witness breathtaking scenery, regardless of your skiing or snowboarding level. Our instructors will ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

What can we do for your Team Event

  • Help with handling of gear and skipasses

  • Analyse group and the needs of the each memeber

  • Personalised meeting point and time according to your needs

  • Tailored experience for each skill level

  • Help with organization of lunches and après-ski during the event

The Snow Experience Davos

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