Davos Mountains Grand Tour: Explore Parsenn, Jakobshorn, Rinerhorn & Madrisa

Davos city with surrounding ski resorts.
Davos city with surrounding ski resorts.

Embark on an extraordinary skiing and snowboarding adventure with our exclusive 4-day package in the magnificent Davos-Klosters ski area. Each day, you'll uncover new heights and thrilling slopes on four iconic mountains: Parsenn, Jakobshorn, Rinerhorn, and Madrisa. This extraordinary journey caters to all skill levels, ensuring accessibility and exhilaration for everyone. Our seasoned instructors will lead you through the mountains, guiding your progress and conquest of new challenges with each ascent. As you carve through the snow, you'll also have the opportunity to indulge in the finest restaurants and huts the resort has to offer. Prepare for an unforgettable experience of skiing, indulgence, and memories in this winter paradise!

Day 1: Conquering Parsenn

Experience Davos: Kickstart your adventure in the heart of Davos.

Ski Paradise: Discover Parsenn, known for its long and wide slopes, perfect for skiers of all levels.

Day 2: The Thrills of Jakobshorn

Alpine Delight: Dive into the exciting terrain of Jakobshorn, known for its challenging slopes and vibrant apres-ski culture, perfect for snow park enthusiasts.

Day 3: Rinerhorn's Hidden Gems

Mountain Gems: Unearth the lesser-known treasures of Rinerhorn, an authentic ski resort where empty slopes await, thanks to only t-bar lifts.

Day 4: Madrisa's Magic

Summit Grandeur: End your tour on a high note as you explore Madrisa, perfect for families with great views, sunny slopes, and an idyllic train ride back to Davos.

Two skiers skiing on Parsenn ski resort in Davos - Klosters.

Benefits of the 4-Day Package

  • Diverse Mountain Experiences

Each day brings new adventures, ensuring you'll explore a wide range of slopes and landscapes.

  • Accessibility for All

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, our package is tailored to cater to every skill level.

  • Experienced Guides

Our knowledgeable instructors will be by your side, offering guidance, support, and expertise.

  • Savoring Mountain Life

As you conquer the slopes, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy the best restaurants and huts that Davos has to offer.

Having a private ski instrucotr in Davos is a blast. The instructor guides you every step of the way.

Prepare to be captivated by the beauty and excitement of the Davos-Klosters ski area as you embark on the Davos Mountains Grand Tour. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie, this package offers a unique opportunity to explore and conquer four remarkable mountains. Let our expert instructors guide you through this unforgettable journey. Ski, savour, and create cherished memories in this winter paradise!

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